Today I'm going to walk through how I create simple product cards for my apps using basic SwiftUI views and techniques.

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Sometimes it's best to not over complicate things when it comes to designing your app UI. Many times, I try to think of some new innovative, extravagant product design, but sometimes it comes down to what's simple and digestible to the user.

Creating the CardModifier

I like to start off by creating a standard ViewModifier which transforms content into a standard "Card" format to maintain uniformity. Here is the template for my CardModifier

struct CardModifier: ViewModifier {
    func body(content: Content) -> some View {
            .shadow(color:, radius: 20, x: 0, y: 0)

Now that we have the CardModifier complete, we can start work on the actual ProductCard.

ProductCard Row

Below you'll see the code for a basic product card. It has four pieces of data: image, title, type, and price. For the images: I simply cropped the images in Figma using a circle mask to get the final product which is shown on the row.

struct ProductCard: View {
    var image: String
    var title: String
    var type: String
    var price: Double
    var body: some View {
        HStack(alignment: .center) {
                .aspectRatio(contentMode: .fit)
                .frame(width: 100)
                .padding(.all, 20)
            VStack(alignment: .leading) {
                    .font(.system(size: 26, weight: .bold, design: .default))
                    .font(.system(size: 16, weight: .bold, design: .default))
                HStack {
                    Text("$" + String.init(format: "%0.2f", price))
                        .font(.system(size: 16, weight: .bold, design: .default))
                        .padding(.top, 8)
            }.padding(.trailing, 20)
        .frame(maxWidth: .infinity, alignment: .center)
        .background(Color(red: 32/255, green: 36/255, blue: 38/255))
        .padding(.all, 10)

Example Use

ProductCard(image: "Product_1", title: "Autumn Soup", price: 11.99)

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